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Turn life’s chaos into calm with best selling author, life coach, systems specialist, and professional organizer, Stephanie Sikora. Stephanie offers home organization services throughout the U.S., virtual coaching, and on-line resources for busy individuals and households.


your home…

Impacts all aspects of your life.

When your space and life is cluttered and chaotic, your health, time, finances and relationships are impacted.

It is not about creating the perfect space.

It is about creating a space that allows you to feel less stressed and have more energy and presence to do more of what you enjoy.

imagine your home as a place that…

Makes your life easier instead of feeling stressed, anxious or depleted of energy.

Gives you more time to do things for yourself instead of running around in circles all day long to get things done.

Helps you feel focused and motivated instead of scattered and discouraged.


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In-person Customized Services

One-on-one organizational services to create and implement customized solutions to fit your home and life.

Virtual Services

Enjoy the benefits of an in-person consultation from the comfort of your own home.

Online courses

Learn the tips and techniques to organize your home and create life systems.



“As I was reading I kept thinking oh my goodness this is me!  And my friend. And my other friend. And that other friend! I think a lot of people at this age and stage of life are feeling more similar than we realize. It also gave me some new ideas to tweak some things that haven’t been working for me and the motivation to do it!”


A Real-Life Guide to Simplifying Your Space and Saving Your Sanity.

“Insightful, straightforward and motivational.”


“It is so fantastic!!! I have been purging anyways and this really helped support my mindset. I especially love the license you give to let go of “stuff” that’s tied to us emotionally but may just be sitting in the basement not serving a purpose and not adding value. And the focus you make on what you and your family are gaining by streamlining is golden. “


How life made simple has helped others...

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“I've worked with Stephanie Sikora of Life Made Simple in my home for help with some of our family's problem areas including: our pantry, entire kitchen, mail station, hidden getting ready morning station for hair items and backpack prep, my daughter's school and art projects, our small storage room, and the ever-problematic junk drawer. I have worked on these areas myself several times but the mess just kept coming back. Working with Stephanie allowed me to understand why were allowing the issues to happen, and how to clean them up for good. We were able to get really strong systems in place just prior to the end of the summer so we are ready to tackle the new school year with a new sense of order and calm. Stephanie was incredibly patient and focused, worked through so many sections of our house and asked me awesome questions throughout. I felt like she really understands our family and what we need to stay organized. She has really taken things to the next level for us, installed some amazing systems that will save us time, restored order to our busiest areas, and I am really excited about using her systems and keeping things tidy and organized! I could go on and on, if you're in doubt about hiring Stephanie or taking one of her classes, take it from me, she knows her stuff and is totally worth any investment!”

Erica Powell, Erica Powell & Co, Naples, FL


about stephanie

I know first hand how hard it is to run a household, manage the lives of many, and be more present for those she cares about. So often I caught myself trying to get one more thing done before I could sit and color the picture or read the story with our kids...  .


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