Stephanie Sikora is a Professional Organizer and Life Systems Expert. She has extensive experience in working with teams and individuals to create life-changing solutions and systems at home and in the workplace.  What distinguishes Stephanie in her field is that she also has the coaching expertise and behavior modification background to help make these changes permanent.  Over the span of her 18-year career, Stephanie has held numerous leadership positions in healthcare and in the community where she implemented successful change processes. She has a natural and proven ability to examine work flows and identify where there is waste (e.g., time, energy, money), then collaborate with an individual or team to create a more efficient, value-added process. Stephanie has coached physicians, healthcare professionals, nonprofits leaders and parents around their own personal and unique challenges, and is committed to helping each and every person achieve visible results and reduced stress.   


Disorganization is a major source of stress and conflict, and Stephanie believes that solving the core issue makes everyone happier. She is passionate about helping people restore order to their lives, so they can live simply - with renewed energy, more time for what really matters, and significant financial savings. 


Stephanie has two beautiful toddlers, a big hairy golden retriever and a great partner in her husband, Mark.  She grew up in New York, then moved to Ohio for college, and is now proud to call Colorado home.  In her free time, she can be found skiing, running, organizing for fun and relaxing with her family. Stephanie has completed two masters degrees and continues to demonstrate her commitment to continued education with her involvement in the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).