Photo by  Nathan Fertig  on  Unsplash

Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

At Life Made Simple, we are compassionate and trusted professionals who offer organizing solutions and systems for your home, business, and life - ultimately, turning chaos into calm in every aspect of your life.  We pair our innovative organizing methods with lifestyle changes to create a system that works for you and the flow of your space.  This meaningful approach distinguishes Life Made Simple from your ordinary organizing business.  The key component is how the system works with your unique style, personality and daily life to create lasting change.


Our Residential services offer a wide array of services to help make life simple!

  • systems to control household paper
  • organizing closets and garages
  • decluttering and staging in preparation for home sale
  • unpacking and setting up your home with optimal flow
  • oversee sale or donation of unwanted items
  • manage household vendors (e.g. identify vendor and oversee work)
  • digital and calendar organization and streamlining
  • meal planning
  • preparing for the holidays
    • gift purchasing, wrapping and shipping
    • holiday card ordering and mailing
    • party planning
  • preparing for vacation
    • clothing purchasing and packing
    • last minute items for travel

Basically, we can help you in any area in life and make things simple.


Our Business services help the leader to keep things simple on the work front.

  • corporate retreat planning
  • employee recognition events and gifts
  • small and large scale events and parties
  • creating systems for work spaces to create optimal flow
  • health and wellness events