Premier Platinum Collection

Premier Platinum Collection

5,500.00 6,000.00

Monthly Premier Sessions

As a Life Made Simple Premier Client, you will receive our customized services to keep your home organized and calm.

During each monthly visit (60 hours annually), we will spend the day in your home helping you to:


To keep clutter at bay, we will come alongside you to sort and select items that you are ready to part with. Because we know your time is precious, our services include removal of items that you decide to donate or dispose of: leaving you with one a clear space instead of bags of old items in your entryway or trunk of your car.

$500 value per session


Seasons change and so do the needs of your home. Each month we will check to make sure your current spaces and systems are working and make any necessary adjustments that work best for your home and life leaving you feeling less overwhelmed.

To save you the time, expense and overwhelm of shopping for organizational products, we can hand-select any necessary products to keep your spaces organized and running effectively. We manage the selection, purchasing, receiving, delivery and returns of all products.

$700 value per session


During each monthly visit you will receive a detailed plan and checklist to prevent your space from slipping back into the chaos of the past- leaving your space, and mind, calm.

$400 value per session

Scheduling Priority

Premier clients receive scheduling priority to select a recurring appointment that works best for your schedule.

$100 value per session

Annual Value


Annual Investment


Paid in full ~ $5,500 ($500 savings)

Payment option ~ 3 payments of $2000

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