Creating an Efficient and Enjoyable Kitchen

Organizing your kitchen.JPG

I love, love, love organizing kitchens!

Kitchens are the heart of our homes and we want them to be a place that brings a
sense of calm.

To maximize efficiencies in your kitchen In my client's homes, I begin by suggesting zones: 

Zone 1: Cooking

All cooking utensils, pans, and spices are within an arms reach of the
stove top.

Zone 2: Dishwashing 

All plates, cups, and silverware are stored where she can easily put
them away with out running all over the kitchen after every load.

Zone 3: Meal Prep

Lunch bags and snacks are organized to make this daily routine
simple and stress free.

Zone 4: Coffee

Let's be honest! This is the most important zone for most moms!
I suggest organizing all of your coffee supplies in one area to make this critical morning a breeze.

End Result

For my client pictured above, we also worked to clear all surfaces and store everything away in a drawer or cabinet. Clear spaces repel clutter! We stored infrequently used items up high freeing up the prime real estate in kitchen cabinets for everyday items. So excited for this family to enjoy the clear space and maximum efficiencies for everyday routines.

What drives you nuts about your kitchen?

Let me know in the comments below!

Stephanie Sikora