Organizing Your Kid's Artwork

Organizing your kid's artwork

I'll admit it. I don't keep all of my kid's artwork. When kids are in preschool they bring
home multiple pieces of artwork each day; sometimes simply a piece of paper
with a dot on it!!

I often get asked how best to manage this.

What has worked for me (and my child) is displaying the pieces of artwork on the fridge for a day or two, until the next one comes home, then taking a picture of it before it. I then create an album at the end of the year with the digital images. This process has allowed me to enjoy their artwork without taking up all the space in my house!

Here are some great options for archiving your kid's artwork without filling physical boxes and boxes taking up space in your home. Thanks to my awesome clients (Meagan Shippert Watson and Megan Billings Broker) for sharing some of their solutions!

Day One - I personally use this app to capture pictures of my kids, journal special events and include pictures of art work and other special pieces. It has an electronic journal and you can also have physical albums created directly from the app.

ArtKive You can scan all of the artwork into a digital album or have a hard copy (or other fun gifts) created.

Artimus - Artimus will send you a box to pack and ship all of your children's artwork. They will do the scanning for you and send you a digital proof to edit and when ready, they will create the album and ship to you as a hard copy.

Chatbooks Automatically creates and ships an album whenever you upload 60 pics to Facebook, Instagram or your favorites. You can include picture of your kids and artwork!



What simple solutions have worked for you to archive your kids artwork without taking up a small storage space? Comment below!

Stephanie Sikora