Clutter & Your Relationships

Let’s face it, you get home form your nine-to-sixer, or maybe you’ve been home all day chasing around your littles, and all you want to do is kick your feet up, enjoy that glass of wine you know you deserve and unwind. Instead, you come home to a hot mess or you have spent the whole day running in circles only to find a mess still sitting before you. 

In walks, your partner or roommate and says “So, what did you do all day?”

What! You’re furious, frustrated! You think to yourself “I’m going to give them a piece of my mind.” Or… you don’t say anything at all and live in silent frustration with your partner or roommate.

Slowly, this erodes your relationships. Think of the impact this strained relationship has on the rest of your life. 

By simplifying our space and creating good systems, we can start to repair this strain or prevent it all together.  We can return to healthy conversations and kind interactions. 

When looking to create systems in your space, I caution people to step back and think about the natural behaviors and create a system that works with those behaviors instead of trying to change them!! Let’s stop nagging and start thinking differently. 

Ex. My husband leaves his shoes at this one spot by the door. I am happy he leaves that he actually leaves them close to the door, but secretly wish he would put them on the shelf that looks so nice :) But, lets be honest, he won’t and I could bang my head against the wall trying to change this grown man’s behavior and ten-year habit, or I could create some type of shoe storage system that works with that location by the door, that he will actually follow AND I can live with. Score! 

I'm not saying that we should just let others do whatever they want leaving us to clean everything up, but I see too many people trying to change behaviors and end up frustrated. Our brains are powerful and habits are hard to break. 

It’s not easy, but when we step back and try to think differently about our space, we can come up with creative solutions that leave us happier and our relationships stronger. 

What areas in your home have caused some tension between you and your partner or roommate? What behaviors could you factor into a new organizational system rather than work against them?

Want to learn more about how you can simplify your space and alleviate some of the tension your environment creates?

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