Top 3 Mistakes Dealing with Kids Papers


As a mom of 2 school aged girls, I know firsthand how crazy papers can make you feel.

The endless pieces- some important, some you are not even sure what to do with so you just put them in piles. You then can’t find them when you need them or you find them months later never to have been touched.

I totally get it!


The key to managing kids' papers is consistency and having a place to put the papers that is easy to place and easy to find- just as I outline in my FREE guide.


I see a lot of people take these papers and unnecessarily move them from pile to pile.


the 3 most common mistakes I see when it comes to managing kids’ papers are:

  1. delay in dealing with the paper

    After school is busy time, but when we put off dealing with papers we tend to just throw them into piles saying “I will deal with them later”, but later never really comes. Finding a consistent time, and making it a habit, to deal with them each day will help to avoid missing important deadlines and messy piles. I have found that an organized entryway has helped me to make this the first thing we do when we walk in the door.

  2. holding on to every paper

    Maybe people feel that they need to keep every paper “just in case”, when in actuality, you don’t need to keep it. We often move these papers to piles only to find them there months later never being touched. There are many ways to keep the information- dates, times and other details without holding onto every last piece of paper. Try an app, calendar entry or take a pic and toss the paper!

  3. homeless papers

    If you determine there is a piece of paper, such as permission slip or a pledge form, that is necessary to hold on to, it is difficult to keep track of because it doesn’t have a designated place to live while in your home. This makes it hard, and time consuming when it is time to find it. Create a space that is your go to spot to place all school papers so you can easily manage them when they are coming in and going out of your home.

    I especially love to use a vertical file organizer and create a file for each kiddo- avoids the piles and keeps me organized!

I am realistic and know how hard it can be to take something and implement it in your home. This is why I organized (wink, wink) all of this information into a quick guide to help you manage kids papers.

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