"Stephanie is a kind and caring person with a passion for helping others. While I consider myself a highly organized person, Stephanie was still able to come into my kitchen with ideas that I would not have thought of that have made my space more well organized and my kitchen work more efficient. She truly listens to understand your needs and then helps you create the most comfortable and clean environment for a happy home!" -Catherine G


"If you want five hours back in your week and family, call Life Made Simple!!  Their simple steps and systems will change your life." -Allison T.


"Stephanie is a life saver! Not only did she help me declutter the piles that were in several places in my home, but she helped me put processes in place to ensure that they don't reoccur!! Thanks to Life Made Simple for making life easy and stress free." -Katie R.


"I hired Stephanie to do exactly what her company says- help me make my life simpler and she did just that and more! In only 2 hours, she turned my unorganized garage into a clean and functional space. Now, I don't cringe every time I open the garage. Her vision and creativity in utilizing vertical space was amazing! I was expecting to haul a load of stuff to the thrift store at the end of the day; however, she is savvy at utilizing the latest technology and all my unwanted things were passed on to others during her time at my house. I look forward to working with her again!" -Adrianne S.


"My wife and I both work at home and as you can imagine, there are some inherent challenges that come along with this. After working with Life Made Simple, we were able to work so much more effectively and efficiently from the house.  We didn't realize how not having the right system was impacting our performance at work - which is no longer an issue." -Matt W.


"The holidays are usually such a stressful time of year for our family, but Stephanie was able to bring the joy back to the holidays and our family this year.  It wasn't just helping with the gifts and travel plans, but she anticipated things we didn't even think of. Our kids even said it was their favorite Christmas EVER.  Thank you, Stephanie!!" -Christina R.


"I was nervous about someone seeing my mess, but Stephanie made me feel totally at ease.  She is so compassionate and completely nonjudgemental!"