what it is like to work with life made simple…

“I am a fairly organized person when it comes to tasks and work. But when it comes to STUFF? I'm a disaster. At the same time, I hate clutter, so you wouldn't know I'm a mess if you came over. It is my dirty secret. I hide my crazy behind closet, pantry and cabinet doors. Then I open those doors and feel anxious and ashamed that I can't get my sh*& together and just take the time to fix them.

Initially, I resisted hiring Stephanie because professional help in this area felt like a luxury. Eventually though, I realized that the inefficiency of my space was costing both time and money (and some sanity), and I needed help.

Now that both my kitchen (including pantry, drawers, cabinets) and my office have been given an overhaul, I realize that this was not a luxury. It was a necessity! Stephanie created systems for everything, so my home and business are running smoother and my stress level is significantly decreased. Not only is this saving me time, but the expense of continuously re-buying supplies I already had, but just couldn't find (hello 4 pairs of kitchen shears and 7 three-ring binders!) And, my girls can now completely handle after-dinner cleanup, down to wiping everything down, because they know where everything goes and feel empowered to help out. They WANT to help out.

So...in a nutshell. I was a mess, but I'm not anymore and it feels so good. If you want to feel like this, Stephanie is your girl (she even does virtual coaching). From chaos to calm...truly. “


Amanda, Attorney and RFX Circle Achiever, Ken Caryl, CO


“Has your brain ever felt like scrambled eggs as your trying to get the kids ready for school and yourself out the door?? You open the pantry... can’t find the applesauce, you open the Tupperware drawer... all the tops fall out, you turn on your coffee pot and reach for coffee... none left... This is when I realized I need Stephanie to come help! I realized it’s ok that I can’t do it all and I need help! And fast! Stephanie responded so quickly and we went over all the spots in my house I needed systems revised, new systems, and more organization. She was so helpful to shop for all the proper size organizational bins, labels and other things to help our family. She was so clear in helping me find what I needed from her as well as how we can achieve calmness in our home. I wish words would do justice as how my husband and I felt when she left. Calm and simple are the words that best describe how she makes your space feel. If you are feeling on the fence about calling in reinforcements, trust me this is worth it! Your marriage, your kids, your mornings will forever thank you. I can’t begin to thank Stephanie enough for helping my family have a new calmer feel. We are forever thankful!””

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Marissa, Owner, Roots & Mane, Lone Tree, CO


“Stephanie is fantastic to work with! She has helped my family organize many aspects of our lives! From unpacking/organizing our entire kitchen, to our 3 car garage and most recently, our work spaces! She has helped us implement systems that are easy to maintain with 3 kids! Stephanie is professional, efficient and brilliant with the ideas she comes with! We can't recommend her enough!”

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Shelby, Fit4Mom Leader, Highlands Ranch, CO


“Stephanie worked with me on my daughter's closet in preparation for the school year. I was so amazed at how much we accomplished in such a short amount of time. She helped me systematically take a look at things to keep, donate, and pitch- and then helped design a practical yet visually appealing solution for the remaining items. My daughter's closet has not returned to the chaotic state it was in prior to Stephanie coming, and I am super grateful for the time it has saved us in the mornings getting ready for school!”

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Bridgette, Owner BJB Coaching, Parker, CO


“I've worked with Stephanie Sikora of Life Made Simple in my home for help with some of our family's problem areas including: our pantry, entire kitchen, mail station, hidden getting ready morning station for hair items and backpack prep, my daughter's school and art projects, our small storage room, and the ever-problematic junk drawer. I have worked on these areas myself several times but the mess just kept coming back. Working with Stephanie allowed me to understand why were allowing the issues to happen, and how to clean them up for good. We were able to get really strong systems in place just prior to the end of the summer so we are ready to tackle the new school year with a new sense of order and calm. Stephanie was incredibly patient and focused, worked through so many sections of our house and asked me awesome questions throughout. I felt like she really understands our family and what we need to stay organized. She has really taken things to the next level for us, installed some amazing systems that will save us time, restored order to our busiest areas, and I am really excited about using her systems and keeping things tidy and organized! I could go on and on, if you're in doubt about hiring Stephanie or taking one of her classes, take it from me, she knows her stuff and is totally worth any investment!”

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Erica Powell, Erica Powell & Co., Naples, FL