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“I love how Stephanie used her background in healthcare to help families get their households up and running more efficiently. She breaks it into three simple steps that are easy to follow and truly get results. She has helped me shift my mindset around being organized—from a scary and overwhelming process to a simple process of slowing down to create practical systems that work with your current habits and lifestyle. I love her encouragement to start small (with just your junk drawer) to build up confidence and momentum. Once I started purging, it really became fun and the more I got rid of the lighter I felt. I can’t wait to start tackling some bigger areas of my house with her resources in my back pocket!”

Lindsay McCarthy, Co-Author of The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, Co-Creator of

simplified. is a great guide for moms who are looking to slow things down. Stephanie offers practical and doable strategies allowing you to feel less overwhelmed and create a life that is not so busy and stressful.  This is a must read for moms who want more time for what matters most in life.”

Kristen Race, Ph.D., Author of Mindful Parenting, Creator of The Mindful Life™ Method

“Stephanie Sikora is a genius. Combining her background in the medical field, her knowledge of neuropsychology, psychology, and experience with human behavior, she offers a fresh perspective on creating systems for your home that will help your day to run smoother, become more enjoyable, and with much less hassle. Not only has Stephanie helped me in my personal home and worked through the process of creating some crucial systems, she's also be an incredible catalyst for personal change among my coaching community. Our community members have begun to value their spaces, create systems, enjoy their homes and environments, and make lasting improvements to their daily habits and systems. What Stephanie shares changes lives in such a pleasantly unexpected way. Take the time for yourself so that you can experience the same things we have!”

Erica Powell, Founder of Erica Powell & Co. Lifestyle Architects